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Stough seeks council seat again


I would like to thank the residents of Ward 7 for allowing me to represent them and the city of Tallassee as City Councilman for the past four years, and look forward in representing you for the next four years.

During the past four years there have been many decisions that had to be made, some of which were not easy to make.

I have worked diligently for public health and safety for the citizens of Tallassee and will continue to do so if elected as city council.

Over the past four years of my term there have been many issues concerning residents of Ward 7, all of which have been satisfied to the best of my knowledge with the exception of a couple that pertained to ordinances/laws and the laws had to be upheld.

When I was elected, the first big issue we had to tackle was the finances. The city had been paying overdraft fees.

The finance committee and council had to make several cutbacks in order to keep from terminating employees. The finances for the city are in much better condition and under my term of office no overdraft fees have occurred.

Another issue was the last administration (2008-2012) purchased $350,000.00 worth of vehicles. According to the audit, these vehicles were financed for 30 years. The life of these vehicles are only 5 to 7 years. When elected I will take all means necessary not to let actions like this take place.

In closing, I want to thank all of the volunteers and city workers who helped during the loss of Mount Vernon Mills. They did an outstanding job. The new fire truck that we purchased was essential in protecting houses and a vital part of the city, the water plant.

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