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Cobblestone Hotels has shown interest in locating in Tallassee

Mayor updates status for new hotel

By Michael Butler

Recently, Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock spoke of an inquiry from Cobblestone Hotels about potentially coming to the city. That prospect is still on the table, but the door is also open for other possibilities.

"I'm working with a company called Core Distinction Group out of Wisconsin," Hammock said. "We drove around and showed every inch of town."

In addition, Hammock disseminated a questionnaire requesting information on the needs and wants from the city's residents.

"We're trying to see if we have the numbers for a hotel. Monster Mountain has events with a thousand people out there. They're having to stay at the Days Inn in Auburn or Montgomery.""

The survey is independent of any hotel affiliation.

"This is not for Cobblestone. Cobblestone wanted to see a new (study) with the Department of Corrections numbers. You've got an employer coming with 700 employees and 4,000 inmates with family members coming to visit them. They wanted to see that.

"I've got another hotel group that's talked to me a little bit. I will take this information and we'll set up some meetings not just for Cobblestone. We'll shop it around. I think it's inevitable. Tallassee is growing. I think we're the economic hub of Elmore County. We're right off the interstate. We can pull a workforce from Auburn, Montgomery, Tuskegee, Tallassee, Wetumpka, Reeltown, Pike Road. We're centrally located."