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Hammock addresses road incident

Staff Report

Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock has been charged with misdemeanor harrassment over a July 5 incident that occured in Tallassee.

"The only thing I'm guilty of is being a husband," Hammock stated in defense of his wife who had a confrontation with individuals in the downtown district. "I stepped in to protect my wife and see that the streets of our city were made safer."

Keazanni Spencer is also being charged with harrassment.

"My wife went to her business, Urban Tails, to take care of the boarders on a Sunday evening," Hammock said. "She had to go right through downtown. Two vehicles full of people in their 20s boxed her in at a stop sign. (They) got out of the car, started beating on the car, calling her names, telling her to get out of the car and some other explicit language.

"She called 911. She then drove home to get me. She showed up hysterically crying. I said, 'Let's go fill out a police report.' On the way, I go through Five Points and take a left on James Street. At that time, the two cars that had boxed her in were doing about 60 miles an hour towards me. She said, 'Oh my God, there they are.' I turned around trying to get a tag number. I follow them down Jordan Avenue to Totty's Cleaners. There was a verbal altercation between me and one of the drivers.

"We got into it. I'm not going to lie. I was heated. They were heated. After that, I got back in my truck and went to the police station to fill out a police report on them harrassing my wife. They saw me going into the police department. They came to the police department. They filled out a police report on me."

The case could not be tried in Tallassee due to Hammock's position, nor could at the circuit clerk's office in Elmore County because of Hammock being a personal friend with Michael Dozier.

"It was a conflict of interest," said Hammock. "That's why this past Friday we had to bring in a judge from another county."

Chilton County District Judge Chris Speaks has been assigned to the case.

"The judge decided it's going to court," Hammock added. "I'll go to court Oct. 7 for a misdemeanor. If found guilty, it'll probably be a fine. There's not going to be any jail time.

"I will always stand up for the citizens and seek only to make our community safer from the lawless and those who only speak hate and anarchy. I will do what is necessary to keep Tallassee from becoming like cities of this nation that have become lawless."

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