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Jelks on WTLS

Cleaning up the neighborhood

By Michael Butler

Jamelle Jelks cites a classic public service ad featuring Woodsy Owl. It aired on television in the 1970s with the slogan, "Help Keep America Looking Good."

"Let's clean up," he said. "You'll be surprised. The more you care about your community, the better your kids will be."

Jelks is devising a clean up day that he is calling the "Pride in Your Community Challenge." It will take place in Jelks' neighborhood, Jordanville, on Saturday, Sept. 2.

"Since I moved here in 1985, the community has not gotten better. It has depreciated."

Jelks and his wife Jennifer own and operate Brighter Day Child Care in Tallassee.

"I take kids back and forth to the school and see the looks on their face when they look at the properties. You know how little kids are. Some would say, 'That's your house.' They'd say, 'That's not my house!' I would ask why. They'd say, 'Look at it!' We can start with the little ones and take a note from them."

Jelks has reached out to property owners.

"They haven't responded yet. I want to get their approval."

Jordanville is the south entry into Tallassee on Highway 229.

"When they come into town and see people on the side drinking with the grass growing up high. They don't want to live here."

Jelks took pictures of some of the eyesores.

"A lady came out and started clapping. She said, 'You're going to get something done.' It touched my heart."

Jelk needs street captains, grill experts and grass cutters. For more information, call 334-220-1684.

"I envision this going through our little town. I want it to happen community-wide."

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