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Godwin seeks to maintain seat


Incumbent Tallassee city councilman, Bill Godwin, announces his bid for re-election to the Tallassee City Council. Godwin currently serves as Mayor Pro Temp and chairs the city’s Finance Committee.

Godwin states that he is very pleased with the dedication and hard work of the Mayor and Council over the past 3 ½ years to implement processes necessary to align the city’s revenue with the ever-increasing cost of city operations.  He further states that this has created a more realistic and effective operational budget which now exceeds $10 million annually. He also says that he is especially proud of the Mayor and a majority of the council members for having the vision and commitment necessary for the realignment of the city’s tax base which helps to ensure that the city is capturing and maximizing potential revenue sources which are critical in providing city services.

Godwin says that he is also very pleased that in the last 3 ½ years, the city has received over 4 ½ million dollars in grants; some of which will soon be used to renovate Tallassee’s downtown area as well as to demolish 27 unsightly structures throughout the city.  Also, on several occasions, the city’s bond structure has been restructured to a more favorable rate. Several city owned properties have been sold which have generated revenue and have become or soon should become assets for Tallassee.  In addition, the city has approved an annual appropriation of 1.4 million dollars to the Tallassee City School System for the construction of a new high school.

Godwin says the above-mentioned accomplishments by the city over the past few years are significant, but they are only representative of improvements that have occurred or soon will occur in Tallassee. Godwin says that he thanks everyone for their continued support and promises to continue working hard in an efficient manner to make sure that our city will move in a positive direction to make the quality of life improve for each citizen.