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Dean to move to TES

By Michael Butler

Tallassee City Schools superintendent Wade Shipman called it the "snowball effect." There has been a bit of shuffling since Jose Reyes took the superintendent's position in Scottsboro.

Reyes's position as principal at Tallassee Elementary School was filled by assistant principal Shanikka Beacher. Beacher's former position has now been filled by Bruce Dean. Dean has been serving as principal at Southside Middle School, so another position is now vacant.

The snowball effect does not concern Shipman. The primary concern is assigning the right personnel.

"Our goal is to get it right," he said. "Who is going to be the best person for this position?"

Dean approached Shipman about the opening. He was chosen among 70 candidates.

"This was a difficult decision for me to consider leaving Southside, but I truly feel is the best for me, my family and Tallassee City Schools at this point of my career. "

Dean has been the principal at SMS for five years. He has been in an administrative postion for nine years. This year is his 24th at the school.

"Southside will always be my home and several members of the faculty are some of my closest friends. I'm very excited about teaming up with Ms. Beacher and the awesome faculty and staff of Tallassee Elementary School.

Dean will work at both schools over the next few weeks as a transistion period while the opening is advertised for his replacement.

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