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Hoops in the street

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee City Council is considering an ordinance prohibiting playing basketball on residential streets.

Councilman David Stough introduced the notion at the June 26 council meeting.

"He's had a lot of complaints in his ward. I've had a lot of complaints at City Hall," mayor Johnny Hammock said. "I don't know really how I feel about that. I'd rather our kids be playing than out doing something mischievous. I can see it both ways. It'll be up to the council if they want to pass something."

Hammock discussed a call he received from one of the complainants.

"(He's) trying to rest and they're whooping and hollering. The gentleman is like, 'Can you please keep it down?' This is his side of the story. They're disrespectful and cuss him out. This is a guy who lives on Freeman Avenue."

Hammock has utilized the services of Tallassee High School Student Resource Officer Brian Clayton to assist with the sitution.

"During the summer he's out patroling. Whenever I've had a juvenile problem I get with Brian and the Chief (Matt Higgins). Brian's been over there and tried to tell them to get out of the way when a car is coming."

Tallassee has a recreation center with a basketball court on Gilmer Avenue and the Tallassee Housing Authority has outdoor goals, but Hammock would like to see an option possibly on the east side of the river.

"I remember back in the day out playing. We had tournaments."

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