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With Dave Ramsey

Rental house being foreclosed

Dear Dave,

I’ve been living in a rental house for some time now. I was just told by the owners that the house is being foreclosed on next week. I’ve tried to call and email them, but haven’t heard anything back. Should I go ahead and pay rent for this month? - John

Dear John,

I wouldn’t. The bottom line in a situation like this is: You’re giving them money and they’re not paying the bills.

I wouldn’t give the owners another dime until they return your phone calls or talk to you in person and let you know the details as to what’s going on with the house you’re living in.

In the meantime, I’d advise speaking with an attorney and a real estate professional in your area to find out exactly what your rights are at this point. Many places require a 30-day notice before renters are required to vacate a property.

Good luck, John! - Dave

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