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Theater needs donors

By Michael Butler

It's the season of giving. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. As the Mt. Vernon Theatre looks ahead to 2020, they need your generosity.

Noah Griggs Jr. of the operations board spoke about the dollars required to keep the doors open.

"Mt. Vernon Theatre - we're not curing cancer. We're not saving souls. But we're trying to make a difference in the community," Griggs said. "Many have contributed, but here's the bottom line - the theater needs a steady stream of contributions to support its operating expenses."

Successful events have helped bring monies in for those expenses, Griggs noted. But more is necessary.

"Why do we keep asking for money? A lot of money was borrowed to get the doors open. We have a large mortgage. You add utilities and insurance to the equation. The expenses add up fast. We need working capital to promote the theater and bring in crowd-pleasing entertainment.

"Full disclosure - the theater should've had working capital set aside prior to opening for business to ensure the theater could make it. (We're) not blaming anyone, but the reality is that we won't make it without a little help from a lot of people."

"Dear Mama: Letters and Music from World War II" was the first production in the theater after its renovtion in 2018

Griggs stated that one-time donations will only go so far.

"We need consistent giving for the forseeable future. That may be for one year (or) for two years, we just don't know. If we can gain the community's financial support along with our generous corporate sponsors, we've got a fighting chance."

For starters, Griggs set a goal of $30 per month from 100 people.

"If you want to see your city grow and prosper, if you want to see more restaurants and retail businesses come to Tallassee - you need to contribute. The biggest reason of all - if you want to give your kids a reason to come back home and live in Tallassee, you need to do your part."

Mt. Vernon will be having a silent auction and dinner on Friday, Nov. 15 from 6-9 p.m. in the Trophy Room on Ann Avenue downtown.

"They'll be food, fun and beverages. We hope you'll consider supporting this worthwhile cause. This fundraiser is going to be critical for us."

For more details on how you can help, click the donate button on the website: