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ALDOT meeting next week in Tallassee

Staff Report

The Alabama Department of Transportation is holding public meetings to gather information regarding the Statewied Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP). ALDOT will be in Tallassee on Tuesday, May 21 from 5-7 at the City Hall Council Chambers.

STIP includes a listing of specific transportation projects to be funded over the next four years.

"That's an opportunity for somebody like me to pound the pavement," Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock commented, "ALDOT, you haven't paved Highway 14 through the middle of town in about 12 years. You haven't painted this bridge since the '90s. It looks like crap peeling off. Constantly when you come off the interstate, there is a turn where 18 wheelers are chewing it up and you have to keep patching it. Can we get a permanent fix? Are there any plans to widen it from the industrial park to the interstate? That's what you'll hear me say."

The meeting will have an open house format with a short presentation by ALDOT.

"They've got their planning and money for projects," said Hammock of ALDOT. "I'm going to voice my opinion. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets a little grease not a lot of grease. Put a red light at Walmart before somebody dies. They gave me the traffic light saying it doesn't warrant a traffic light."

Comments on STIP may be forwarded to ALDOT through their website at: