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Parking permit applications open on July 9


In preparation for the upcoming school year, Tallassee High School will begin issuing applications for parking permits on July 9 in the main office at the school. The cost of a permit is $40.

With the renovation project that will be going on at the high school during this school year, it will be necessary to make some changes in the parking availability. As usual, we will accept applications through July 31 from juniors and seniors only. On that date, all applications for seniors that have been received will be issued permits. After all seniors applications have been completed on that day, applications received from juniors will be filled in the order they were received back in our office.  

Due to the fact that we will not have access to the parking that is adjacent to the garden area on Preer Street, we will be opening up additional parking against the fence on the band field. Due to the fact that the renovation will be covering the area of King Street where some students park, we are encouraging all students that will be driving to school to take the opportunity to request a parking permit. King Street will be closed to parking the through traffic. 

We will be doing our best to accommodate all students that need to drive, but they must have a permit. In order to obtain a permit, a copy of the proof of insurance and a current drivers license for the student must be presented with the application. No applications will be processed that are not complete. A parent must sign the application.

Parking permits may be picked up at the main office on the date of Open House, Aug. 5, 2019.

With the congestion that will be caused behind the school due to the renovation, all pick-ups and drop-offs need to take place in front of the school buildings.