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No city Easter egg hunt this year

Staff Report

The annual City of Tallassee Easter Egg Hunt will take a hiatus. Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock hopes to bring back the event next year.

"The people that helped out on it last year are not helping out on it this year," he said. "I know I'm going to take some lumps for this, but it was dropped in my lap last week. I have so many things on my schedule, I personally can not pull it off by myself.

"Capital X-Ray offered to sponsor it again as they have in the past, but to be honest I don't have room on my plate. I'm the mayor of the town. I'm also the superintedent of utilities. I'm working 60 hour weeks. I know I'll take some criticism for it."

Hammock said that he will get a group of volunteers to help plan for next year.

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