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Lunchlady land

By Michael Butler

The title of a song from an Adam Sandler skit on "Saturday Night Live" made light of the food served in lunchrooms...

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Lunches at Studio B April 7, 2020 Edition


The board approved February 18, 2020 meeting minutes. The board approved February...

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A sign leading to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
on Gilmer Avenue

Churches make changes with COVID-19 scare

By Michael Butler

Easter is Sunday...

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Empty Campus

Tallassee High School students begin work online this week to close out the school year with no more classes scheduled on campus. Photo by Kyle Thornton.

Police chief Matthew Higgins with mayor Johnny Hammock at City Hall on Friday

Stay-at-home order overrides city's planned curfew

By Michael Butler

On Friday, Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock announced plans to implement a curfew...

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Back in the Day

1990s era photograph of Phillip Segrest. Submitted by Suzannah Solomon Wilson. E-mail your vintage photographs.





jDave Says

With Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave,

I have a pension plan that will pay me 80 percent of my top three highest years’ income. Should I continue to invest 15 percent towards retirement? I will top out at $79,000 yearly, and I plan on retiring in 28 years...

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